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We are happy that you have decided to become a member of our forum. Before filling in the form, you have to accept the following conditions. The most important phrases are highlighted in bold and serve as quick overview.
1. Your are full responsible for the comments you provide in the forum. You assure not to influence our forum and the server in their functionality (e.g. by spamming or flooding). Furthermore, the publishing of abusive, shocking, perverse, racist, threatening or other contents which are contrary to the law in force are forbidden. An internet-forum for discussion is not to be seen as "non-law zone".

2. This forum is moderated by people which reserve the right to edit or delete any content which is contrary to the law in force, the regulations of the forum or good morals. Furthermore they are entitled to call your attention to any misdemeanor, to admonish you and, if necessary, to ban you from the forum. As we do not monitor the forum steadily it might be that such contents are not found immediately. If you come across of such contents, please send that comment via E-Mail or corresponding button to the responsible moderator or an administrator.

3. The membership is for free and can be cancelled without announcement after a defined period of inactivity (no login or other activity). You may termninate your membership without any period of notice by using a link located in "My Profile". The administration will deal with that as soon as possible. However, this is only possible after a membership of at least thirty days. Hereby, all data that was stored on that user-account will be irrevocably deleted. Only in backups of the database, which we can store or in cached sites (proxies) this data might be still contained. We are obligated, according to privacy regulations, to pass your user-data to third parties only with your explicit permission. All data/information is voluntary as long as it is not necessary for operating a user-account. Please be aware that any given information is publicy visible for everybody in the forum. No moderator or administrator will ever ask for your password!

4. You are not allowed to publish, to advertise or to refer to illegal contents. However, you are allowed to link to other websites, as long as they did not contain illegal contents at the time of linking. If the content changes, in a negative way, a moderator or administrator has to be informed. We and all members of that forum dissociate explicitly from contents of other websites which are linked in that forum. They only represent thoughts of the yonder documented webmaster and/or administrator and do not reflect in any way our or the forum-member's attitude to life and/or meaning.

5. We do not assume any liability for possible damages on you, third parties or their equipment which could arise out of the use of the forum or its containing information. All information is permitted, without being proved to their accuracy. Of course, corrections from yours, the administration's or moderation's side are possible. You are free to call our attention to possibly mistakes or to complain if something leads to misunderstandings. All information is not binding.

6. You are obliged to state a valid E-Mail address.. We reserve the right to prove the validity sporadically. If it seems to be invalid for a longer period of time, we reserve the right to delete or suspend your user-account. A valid address is necessary, because important news, for example, of the administration can be sent to all members. It will never be exposed to the public.

7. The IP-Address and other connection-data (hostname and browser-identification; if available) will be stored and durably logged with every "important" action in the forum, e.g. login/logout, posting comments, altering user-data, etc. It is not possible to delete it partly or not storing it, even on request. But you are free to inhibit that information if technically possible.

8. You can use cookies for the login. They do not contain any data, except from that essentially for the operation of the forum. This will among others be a session identification (Session-ID). After a certain time which is defined by the administrator (but with the logout at the latest) the cookie becomes invalid. You are advised to always end the session correctly with a logout and never pass on user-data and the session identification (Session-ID) in order to avoid abuse. If you have the feeling your password is compromised, inform immediately the administrator or order a new password.

9. Those rules are valid without exception since 1st January 2004 on the whole forum. We reserve the right to alter them in the course of time. In that case you will be informed via E-Mail and/or there will be an announcement on the forum. You are free to terminate your membership within twenty-one days if you do not want to acknowledge the new rules. After expiry of that time limit it is assumed that you acknowledge them. This is also valid with inaccessible accounts because in that case an e-mail is sent or an announcement can be read.

10. Major offenses against those rules can involve consequences according to civil or criminal law.

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